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Elise Witt – local girl gone global


Elise Witt is a proud product of Knightdale, UNC-CH, and the Raleigh area.  She is in Atlanta now and always doing amazing things.  Her wonderful music is informed by classical training, world-wide folk traditions – and Elise’s unique, enthralling and amazing voice!  She writes, performs and produces wonderful music, and betters the world while she’s at it – working with Alternate Roots over many years as it has grown, traveling around the country giving workshops about enriching your life with music, and exemplifying with her own life and career the commitment to enlightened, positive existence.


 Where to start!  In the last year, she has visited China:

From December 9-18, 2007, I was invited as a guest to fly to China, to sing with the Chiang-Su State Chorus from Nanjing, and the Beijing Central Conservatory Chorus, along with the Jiangsu Province Symphony Orchestra, with guests from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and Russia, under the direction of reknowned Chinese conductor Mu-Hai Tang (former assistant conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, under Maestro Karajan).

 She has sung in support of the natural environment.

She sang to help meld a world of differences.

 She has also presented and/or participated in her usual plethora of workshops focused on using singing and music for personal enrichment, attainment of harmony and peace, and for plain old fun.  Check out her website and buy her stuff!  Go Elise!



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