Raleigh Rambles

John Dancy-Jones at large!


     Raleigh’s skyline is changing and maturing. Growing up roaming the downtown streets, I have come to miss very much the architectural gems that I took for granted at the time. But I have a fair amount of civic pride (a lot for an old christian anarchist, anyway) in watching Raleigh become a true city.  Old and new, here’s what has caught my eye.

  This is a favorite downtown structure, the Century Post Office,  illuminated with the reflected light from one of the new towers in Raleigh – which towers are the main subject of this page.  I love to watch these things go up!  The engineering, the sky cranes, the soil pits all fascinate me.  I miss the things they tear down, but I just can’t keep my eyes off those skycranes.






Raleigh’s original tower, the Holiday Inn (now Clarion).  Like most features on Raleigh Rambles, this is just a start.  If you like towers cranes, and skylines, check back!




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